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Our Commitment

Each tour planned by
Rave is accompanied by a professional event manager to make sure things are in order and our clients are enjoying themselves. Each programme and event are tailor-made to meet your requirements, and best of all, there are no hidden costs!... no matter how big or small your events are, we work for you - not the airlines, hotels or other travel providers!

Our relationships throughout the globe have allowed us to plan travel for corporations, professional associations, employee incentive programmes. Be it getting your preferred airline to match fare, watch flights to secure your aisle seat or getting the best flight times, Rave understands the importance of maximising the value of the dollar and the necessary connections to deliver.

Clients prefer Rave to make it HAPPEN!

"Rave has been extremely helpful in assisting us to accomplish our tour objectives. They have an eye for details, ability to be flexible and certainly exceed our expectations! Thank you!"

"Thank you
Rave for being a reliable and trustworthy travel planner to fulfill our school band's first overseas trip!"

Upcoming Events

World Music Contest 2013
4 - 28 July, Kerkerade, Netherlands

Conn-Selmer Institute Asia Workshop 2013
7 - 8 September, Singapore

Kunitachi College of Music Brass Ensemble
13 September, Agape Concert Hall - Paya Lebar Methodists' Girls School, Singapore

Korean Symphony Orchestra Asia Tour
4 November, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

5th Winter Band Festival™ 2013
30 November - 4 December, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

4th Winter Choral Festival™ 2013
30 November - 4 December, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

1st Winter Chinese Orchestra Festival™ 2013
10 - 14 December, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

3rd Asia Youth Dance™ 2013
10 - 14 December, Hong Kong

Masato Sato & Satoshi Yagisawa LIVE in Singapore
9 March, SCO Concert Hall

1st WASBE Festival 2014
7 - 14 July, Debrecen, Hungary

4th Singapore International Band Festival 2014
21 - 28 July, Singapore

Singapore International Choral Festival 2014
21 - 24 August, Singapore

Korea National Opera "Soul Mate"
25 - 26 October, Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Theatres

6th Winter Band Festival™ 2014
25 - 29 November, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

5th Winter Choral Festival™ 2014
1 - 5 December, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

4th Asia Youth Dance™ 2014
3 - 7 December, Hong Kong


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