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MEET: Get Connected to China

Chengdu, 17 October | Chongqing, 19 October

MEET Chengdu & MEET Chongqing is a 1-day per city table-top meeting for sellers who are involved in organising business travel, meetings, incentives and events. We have a pool of more than 150 ready buyers from China who are sourcing for their potential clients.

Our MEET shows are located in growth markets for the travel industry and its unique format brings together quality buyers and suppliers (or exhibitors) in mutually beneficial connections. MEET provides opportunities to showcase your products and services to travel buyers intent on doing business in a region full of growth potential.


MEET represents Meetings, Events, E-Connect and Travel -  a global platform focusing on connecting sellers with premium buyers from China.

Why MEET Chengdu & Chongqing?

  1. Exclusive invite. Join the exclusive community of qualified hosted buyers and exhibitors.

  2. Cost-effective. With 2 cities in 1 package! Everything is included, no additional costs ensuring significant ROI.

  3. Customised hub. Every meeting hub will be the same size, customised with your corporate branding.

  4. Meet the leisure industry’s premium buyers. We will rigorously pre-qualify buyers and select them based on industry relevance, expertise, level of seniority, purchasing responsibility and business potential.

  5. Be engaged with us. Our team will engage with you to understand the type of customers you want to meet and then recruit them based on your direction.

  6. Discover new content. Lively panel discussions and debate with focused educational content offering a fresh perspective on destinations.

  7. 2 days of pure business. We will have a full programme of events scheduled from morning to night allowing you the opportunity to engage with existing and new prospects. Breaks are all scheduled at the same time to allow maximum networking opportunities.


Premium buyers are carefully selected, personally invited and verified against our strict qualification criteria. Once qualified, Hosted Buyers are committed to conduct a minimum of 18 pre-scheduled appointments with exhibitors per city.

In addition to the business meetings, MEET offers an education conference on the opening day and numerous networking events throughout the event, including cultural evening functions. These provide exhibitors with multiple opportunities to meet with Hosted Buyers both formally and informally.


Packages start from USD480 (1 city) & USD880 (2 cities) for your own table-top to be matched with the right buyers!  Feel free to enquire with us for more detailed information.


Sign up before 14 July 2017 to receive


  1. Cash discount of USD80, (Discount Coupon Code: MEET2017)

  2. Corporate video airtime (up to 90 seconds) to showcase your latest products during breaks, and

  3. One-way first class high speed train ticket from Chengdu to Chongqing (applicable for 2 cities sellers).