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Meiji University Meiji High School and
Junior High School Wind Orchestra

The Meiji University Meiji High School Brass Band was established in 1959. Apart from the events and ceremonies in their school, the band is engaged in a wide range of activities including summer brass band competitions, invited performances outside the school, joint practice and concerts with other schools. Recently, they had a joint concert with the students of Singapore's Anglo-Chinese Junior College Concert Band on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Japan-Singapore Diplomatic Relations, held at the State Guest House Akasaka Palace, Tokyo, in June 2016. SUZUKI Masato was appointed as a permanent conductor in 1987. In 2008 when the school became co-educational, the number of the brass band members of the junior high school and high school increased to 86 students. They are trying to improve by practicing to their 5 beliefs such as "Courtesy", "Greeting", "Gratitude", "Concentration", and "Effort", in order to provide the "Meiji Sound" to many listeners. Please enjoy the rich sound of our brass band!

Raffles Symphonic Band

The Raffles Symphonic Band, has always taken pride in making enthralling and entertaining music. Since its inception in 1982, RSB has been awarded consecutive Gold medals at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging since 1990. RSB has also gone on to bring back the Gold award in the 2010 Singapore International Band Festival and in the 2013 Los Angeles International Music Festival. More recently, RSB embarked on a learning trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2015, in pursuit of greater learning and musical exposure. With invaluable guidance and advice from resident conductor, Mr Lim Yean Hwee, and the teachers-in-charge, the band endeavours to uphold the standards of distinction it has achieved today, which stem ultimately from a deep love for music and performance.

Mr Masato Suzuki


Meiji University Meiji High School and

Junior High School Wind Orchestra

SUZUKI Masato graduated from the instrumental music department of the Musashino Academy of Music, Japan. He learned the trumpet from NAKAYAMA Fujio and FUKUI Isao, as well as conducting and musicology from TOKITOU Yasufumi. After graduating, he became a teacher of Meiji University Meiji High School. At the same time he appeared as the conductor of the Tokyo Seijin Wind Ensemble three times in the national tournament. Since 2010 he devoted himself only to the Meiji High School’s brass band. He was invited to the golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein in 2011 as a representative of Japan, and also to the Taiwan International Music Festival in April 2012, where he received a standing ovation. In December 2012, he performed as the conductor of the All Japan Select Brass Band at Carnegie Hall in New York. He conducted again at the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein in 2015. Under the belief that "an average performance lacking individuality declines music culture", Suzuki has tried to create music based on ‘singing” without relying on keyboard or metronome. Because of his unique style, many brass band instructors and fans visit Suzuki from Tokyo as well as the neighboring prefectures. Currently he is a member of the Japan Academic Society of Wind Music, and at the same time a member of the 21st century brass band "Kyoen". He published a book titled "Introduction to Wind Music for High School and Student: Trumpet" (publisher: ONGAKU NO TOMO SHA CORP, Japan).

Mr Lim Yean Hwee


Raffles Institution

Mr Lim Yean Hwee is a passionate and avid music educator who has been directing wind ensembles since 1996. On top of directing a number of groups to successes at local and regional performances and competitions, he has also contributed to the wind music scene in various capacities, such as co-founding the Philharmonic Winds and creating the inaugural Singapore Ensemble Competition. He was amongst the first to graduate from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with his second Bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore. He loves the beach and is a great fan of Chinese classics like Water Margin and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


St. Anthony Variations / Hill

Hill Song No. 2 / Grainger


West Side Story Selections / Bernstein

El Camino Real / Reed


The Last Letter from Murdoch / Taruya

Prominence Bird / Tanaka


Zen Zen Zense (Your Name) / Noda

Autumn Leaves / Kosma

Uta-Hime Hibari Misora Medley

Japanese Graffiti II ~ Kyu Sakamoto Memorial / Yokotani

Spirited Away Highlight / Hisaishi

El Cumbanchero

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