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TeamSynergy is a team-building course based on scenario simulation game designed to cultivate high-performance teamwork. Through a 3D computer game experience with disruptive learning approach, it helps individual and team to exhibit true being, recognise and accept other team members’ styles and behaviour, building a deeply trusted and high performance team.

The course adopts a guided teaching approach with Theories of High Performance Team incorporated with common team scenarios to provide in-depth guidance and advice, which draw inferences for other cases.

Team work is a commonplace yet enduring management topic. There are always some collaboration disorders exit in enterprises and groups.The traditional form of team- work training faces great challenges

TeamSynergy Course


  • HR can learn about employees’ individual performance, their team work skills and identify potential employees by observing the game playing;

  • Improve the ability of overall thinking and spatial thinking and build team work spirit;

  • Team members recognise themselves, others, and the team during the game. They adjusted themselves to form an efficient team to achieve goals. Self-awareness and personal development are enhanced;

  • Better and efficient decision-making based on trust built in the team;

  • Establish a common language and mode of collaboration, create positive atmo- sphere, and activate individual potential and team innovation;

  • Break down the barriers of hierarchy and inter-generational communication during the game, exercise effective communication and clear expression skills, avoiding time wastage and inefficient communication.

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