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Year-In-Review 2021

Finally, 2021 has ended! It has been real challenging to stay in the game to say the least. The dynamic situation that's facing event managers and travel agents have put us on multiple halts through the year. Nonetheless, we continue to stay positive. How we used to do things does not matter anymore as we progress toward living with COVID-19. We look ahead to create, innovate and progress to build a better travel and events ecosystem to stay ahead of the change.


Here are some of our highlights in 2021 incorporating new technologies and services. 

Rave @ Shopee

The online shop was open in mid-2020 with much skepticism as we do not know if the system is able to support  travel and attraction ticketing. After some consideration, we decided to give it a shot and launch the store with several of our long-time partners. This sales channel allows our customers who utilise Shopee for their regular online shopping to shop with us with discounts, last minute deals, Shopee vouchers, cashback and much more - making shopping more fun! We strongly believe in customer service excellence and would like to thank all our shoppers who have given us 4.9/5 stars for their shopping experience with Rave! Learn more


Theme parks and attractions ticketing

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 1.10.02 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 1.10.22 PM.png

Photo: Screenshot from Shopee

British Airways Exclusive Student Fare

Offering air ticketing services can be found everywhere. This year, we are happy to partner with British Airways to promote and offer exclusive student fares to eligible passengers who are studying overseas. For every travel, a personalised travel manager is assigned to our student client to assist their flight reservations throughout their overseas study journey. This allows our passengers to receive fast and efficient reservation and support. Learn more


Personalised travel manager for student travel services. 


Photo: British Airways

Nanyang International Music Competition 2021

Client: NAFA School of Music

Organized by NAFA School of Music, the establishment of this competition seeks to align with NAFA’s mission to inspire learning and growth through the arts. We hope that this competition would inculcate creative attitudes and a spirit of curiosity and responsibility in our young musicians as they come together to share the fruits and labor of their musical learning journey. 

The bi-annual competition received 643 entries worldwide for Western and Chinese Divisions. Due to the pandemic, the NIMC accepted virtual competitors with the belief that performing should not stop during challenging times. Thus, we not only managed the live shows but simultaneously, the virtual competition  as well. Learn more

Services rendered:

Competition design & production / Competitors' liaison & management / Onsite & online competition management / Website management / Promotion and marketing management / Virtual judging assessment system

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 10.43.27 PM.png

Photo: Screenshot from NIMC 2021 Virtual Competition

2nd Singapore Chinese Music Festival 2021

Client: Singapore Chinese Music Federation

Spanning a month, the festival this year will take a hybrid form though safely distanced in-person concerts in venues across Singapore, as well as through a myriad of Chinese music offerings on various online platforms. Inspired by the ideals of uniting people, creating moving programmes and leveraging on the combination of physical spaces and online platforms, the 2021 Singapore Chinese Music Festival will also feature four new programme series with the aim of uniting the Chinese music community and spreading the love for Chinese music.


A total of 18 concerts held at 4 concert venues were live streamed across different platforms. 22 online talks and lectures were also organised. The concerts were attended by 1,855 live audience and more than 40 million online views were registered across live streamed concerts and online talks, Learn more

Services rendered:

Festival design & production / Concert management / Performers' liaison & management / Website management / Ticketing management

Photo: Liu Singfan & The Pixel Flair

Virtual Japanese Experience

Client: My First Campus

Created a 90 minutes online experience learning about Japanese culture through Zoom. Two activities were arranged, namely, the Japanese tea ceremony with a samurai tea master and origami master. 180 participants received a Japanese pack sent individually to them prior the session for their use during the virtual tour experience which includes organic green tea, origami paper, etc. 

Services rendered:

Virtual tour coordination & management / Postal delivery management

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