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Education Travel & Learning Journeys

The Rave educational travel programmes offer inbound and outbound international exchange opportunities for students.


With globalisation, the most powerful form of education is to expose your students to different cultures through the promotion of international learning and understanding. We provide you and your students to meet people from other lands and to learn, exchange and experience their cultures. These, of course, might be your students' once-in-a-lifetime experience!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" - Albert Einstein



Rugby Tour (Japan)

Be assured.

Rave Group Int'l is one of the travel agencies appointed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore to provide travel services to local institutions covering Asia.

Out of the box.

Not just out-of-the-box, we want to provide teachers and students an experiential learning journey that they will remember. 

The content creators.

With good understanding of the school’s syllabus and specific learning requirements of the students, our educational tour itineraries are rich in contents and aim to reinforce what the students learn in the classroom. And yes, we do have your textbooks in our office. 


We may not provide you with the cheapest but we will serve you with conviction and passion! This is what we do and we live to inspire.

The global networking.

Our networking and experience reach out beyond our shores; constantly keeping in touch with our partners worldwide, creating and updating our product knowledge to give you the best programmes.

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