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Corporate Training

Team work is a commonplace yet enduring management topic. There are always some collaboration disorders exhibited in enterprises and groups. The traditional form of team work training faces great challenges such as 


  • Traditional Face-to-face Education:

  • Online Training

  • Expansion Training

  • Team-building activities

Traditional theoretical learning is not enough to bridge the gap between practice and theory, and the gap between "knowledge" and "action" needs to be constantly filled.

Gamification Learning is the most effective  way of learning in the future!

Gaming Keyboard

Through the guided teaching method, the classic efficient team theory forms the foundation of the entire course, and combining that with commonly encountered situations to deliver in-depth role-play offering guidance and instructions.

Learning through games is a strong, emerging trend in adult learning

TeamSynergy is a team-building course based on scenario simulation game designed to cultivate high-performance teamwork. Through a 3D computer game experience with disruptive learning approach, it helps individual and team to exhibit true being, recognising and accepting other team members’ styles and behaviour, building a deeply trusted and high performance team.

The course adopts a guided teaching approach with Theories of High Performance Team incorporated with common team scenarios to provide in-depth guidance and advice, which draw inferences for other cases.

3D Experiential Learning Path

Team Development Cycle and Core goals



What is the basis of our teamwork?



How does the team work effectively? What are our roles in the team?



How does the team maintain efficiency and constantly create value?

Highly Productive


How does the team optimize resources to have new achievements?



How does the team break through development bottlenecks and innovate?

How to play TeamSynergy?

  • 1-25 Teams (4 people in a team) play online simultaneously

  • Remote gaming or face-to-face, no space restrictions

  • The Five Challenges of the game can be flexibly matched with the content of the course, and easy to customise

  • Web-based games, no installation needed

  • Easy to start and controlled by mouse


Course Benefits

  • HR can learn about employees’ individual performance, their team work skills and identify potential employees by observing the game playing;

  • Improve the ability of overall thinking and spatial thinking and build team work spirit;

  • Team members recognise themselves, others, and the team during the game. They adjusted themselves to form an efficient team to achieve goals. Self-awareness and personal
    development are enhanced;


  • Better and efficient decision-making based on trust built in the team;

  • Establish a common language and mode of collaboration, create positive atmosphere, and activate individual potential and team innovation;

  • Break down the barriers of hierarchy and inter-generational communication during the game, exercise effective communication and clear expression skills, avoiding time wastage and inefficient communication.

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